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Use ShareBlast app & get everything you need for fun, knowledge, entertainment & time pass like: funny jokes, images, GIFs, videos, gk, facts, shayari, memes, quotes, current events, news, stories & so much more in various languages!

Share your own jokes, images, shayari, quotes, current events, breaking news, god images & wallpaper, stories, good morning & good night messages & status with everyone by using our free ShareBlast app. From gk stuff like news, quotes & facts, to funny stuff like funny jokes, funny videos & funny images, you can share them all!

ShareBlast strives to be a Family Safe app & everyone from ages 12 to 80+ can safely use it. Our focus is to bring everything fun, entertaining & timepass under one roof.

Why should I use ShareBlast?
Get your daily dose of fun, knowledge & entertainment at ShareBlast. Where else can you find god images, shayari, funny jokes, quotes, memes, news & facts at the same time? Some apps focus only on news & current events. It can be boring right? Some apps only focus on either of funny images, shayari, funny videos, quotes, memes, funny jokes & gags. Not us! We want to combine everything. Want some Hindi jokes, motivational quotes, funny images or love shayari? You got it. Do you want to watch funny videos & laugh? It's here. So much to see & share here at ShareBlast.

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ShareBlast Features
• Widen your knowledge through user-submitted latest messages, images, videos, stories, quotes & current events.
• Get daily dose of funny jokes, funny images & GIF, funny videos, motivational quotes, love shayari & more.
• Improve your life with recipes, health tips, fun facts, religious, devotional & god images & messages.
• Read sad & love shayari, hindi shayari or shayri in other languages.
• Find good morning & good night messages like motivational & inspirational quotes.
• Send birthday, anniversary & other best wishes.
• Use our powerful search & find messages like good morning, motivational quotes, love shayari, devotional images, funny jokes, funny videos or funny images.
• View all type of messages together. OR choose specific type of message to view such as text, images, videos, or GIFs.
• Want to see only hindi jokes, hindi shayari & other hindi messages? OR only marathi jokes & marathi shayari. No problem! Set the preferred languages in SETTINGS. We support English, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada & many more.

What kind of stuff will I find on ShareBlast?
Everything entertaining & useful. Find funny images, fun memes, funny videos & GIFs. Emotional stuff like inspirational quotes, motivational quotes, love shayari, hindi shayari, gujarati shayari, sad quotes. Stuff like philosophy, science, current events, stories, facts & news. All kinds of funny jokes like chutkule, hindi jokes, gujarati jokes, tamil jokes, telugu jokes, bengali jokes, punjabi jokes. Expand your knowledge about current entertainment, movies, music & art here. There are many random things that will interest you as well at ShareBlast.

How do I share status, jokes, videos or images to ShareBlast?
* Click on Blast rocket+ icon & UPLOAD something funny & interesting. You can upload images, GIFs, videos or text messages.

* Post messages & statuses. You can post single text message or multiple text messages. To do this, simply copy multiple messages from WhatsApp & paste them to "Blast > Text" form. All multiple messages will be posted separately as individual message.

* Post single or upto 10 images or GIF files at a time & add caption to it.

* Post a funny video & explain in caption what the video is about.

So what are you waiting for! ShareBlast Android app is FREE! Simply download now & start using it. Have fun!
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