The Commando Warrior Shooting Game 2017

The Commando Warrior Shooting Game 2017 2017-01-24

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The best Commando Shooting game is here for you on your android device. We have put our efforts in providing you the ultimate gaming experience by adding so much realistic features in this app.

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The features of this game include combat fighting scenes where the player is a Commando Warrior and has to get till the end by eliminating all the enemies in his way. To start, kill anyone of the enemies with the help of the knife and then acquire his weapon. Prevent your health level from falling by hiding behind the blocks and walls and proceed while clearing the area from enemies. In case, you need to regain your lost health, look out for the health packs.

Moreover, look for extra ammo in order to reload your weapon.

Reach till the end of the level to proceed to the next level. You can always adjust the difficulty level by going to the options menu where you will find the other options as well which will give you the choice of adjusting the settings according to your choice.
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