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Real Guitar 2017-01-28

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Real guitar is a free app with a lot of possibilities. It's the best choice for professional musicianscomposers, guitarist and beginners. You can use this app as real lead guitar or real rhythm guitar. Easy to use!

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You can select 3 guitars:
1. Lead guitar for one hand. It's a classic solo guitar with fretboard - frets.
2. Lead guitar for two hands. You can select music notes with one hand and play strings with second hand.
3. Rhythm guitar - with chords. You can select music chords with one hand and play separately strings with second hand. It's 25 active chords for rhythm guitar. You can edit any chord diagram, make your own, and prepare any song by your wish.

- 6 strings
- 23 frets
- 1000+ special chords (C, D#m, A#7b9, E#11+...)
- 100 editable groups with 25 chords (2500 editable chords)
- Edit chords with chord diagram and use tabs
- Popular songs examples
- Realistic sounds
- Attack and release music notes
- Music note notation for all strings

- Guitar mode
- Scale guitar
- Scroll guitar
- Tune the entire guitar (6 full music octave - 73 music notes)
- Tuning of each string separately
- Attack start and step
- Release step
- Guitar skins, colors...
- Edit chords
- Edit groups
- One hand / two hands mode
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