Bunny Runner Carrot Adventure

Bunny Runner Carrot Adventure 1.1

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Bunny runner carrot adventure is an excellent runner mobile game. The story of game is about the survival of a cute bunny couple named Chinto and Minto. Chinto is our superhero, who is running hard to save his partner in trouble.

Bunny runner can run very fast, but the racing track is full of troubles especially slither snakes, fox, bat, snake, rat are also hungry and ready to take the bunny down. The adventure game has excellent power packs, magnetic tool for collecting carrots quickly, turbo booster and protection shields to make the survival adventure easy.

Bunny runner carrot adventure have 6 different levels to play. Help the rabbits to safely complete all the levels. The Game is full of fun, enjoyment, and action with beautiful music in background.
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