Duck Hunting 3D: Seasons 2017

Duck Hunting 3D: Seasons 2017 1.0

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Duck Hunting 3D: Diver Ducks new premium version Duck Hunting 3D: Season 2017 is now available with is a complete Duck Shooting package with a lot new exciting game features and better game play for the Ultimate Duck Hunters.

Duck Hunting 3D: Season 2017 version provide the ultimate fun of hunting the Diver Ducks at the multiple locations of the lake side in the Spring Season packed with the blasting new features and exotic game look for the players of the game. Hunt down the Ducks in the multiple locations of the Lake, to become Great Duck Hunter of the Spring Season 2017. Plan the hunting strategically without wasting the bullets, otherwise the duck will escape. Enjoy the elite duck hunting in the spring season 2017.

Attract the passing by ducks flock with the duck whistle, and on proper time hit the flock to hunt the maximum ducks in a single shot fired from the hunting rifle. the duck calling strategies used by the real professional hunters to attract the water fowls for hunting. Hunt the ducks and let your pet dog grab them for you from the water to get reward. Earn coins by hunting to unlock more powerful hunting gun. In the Duck Hunting 3D Season 2017 game purchase new hunting weapons and upgrade the weapon for high firepower and long range shooting and have more hunting ammunition during by upgrading and cartridges bag for the duck hunting.

Compete with all the Duck Hunters around the world with the score leaderboard in the game. Achieve the 1st position in the leaderboard to let the players know about the real Duck Hunter of the Spring Season 2017 at the Lake side.

Duck Hunting 3D Season 2017 game some features are:

• Beautiful Graphics
• Soothing Game Sounds and Music
• Multiple Weapons and Weapons Upgrades
• Real Hunting Features including Cartridges and Cartridge Bags
• Real Lake Side Hunting Environment
• Multiple Game play mode
• Game Scores Leaderboard
• And much more….

Like the best Duck Hunting 3D Diver Ducks at the Spring Season 2017 at Lake and share with others. Your feedback will let us develop better games for your entertainment.
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