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    Android Forum is Back On a New Domain

    We are back on the original domain. Android Forums - Android OS Forum, Apps and Hacking is now back in my hands.
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    Important Site Rules, Terms of Service, Posting Guidelines and Other Important Information

    Android Forums a website owned and operated by Schwarz Network has updated the sites Posting Rules and Guidelines, Privacy Policy and the sites Terms and Conditions of Use to comply with the new GDPR guidelines. There have been many changes and/or additions so it is in each members best...
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    This is the system account.

    This is the system account.
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    Android Forum is Back On a New Domain

    DNS has propagated and SSL is in order so we are live on
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    Android Forum is Back On a New Domain

    This domain is a temporary domain. Our new domain with be Once DNS propagates and the SSL certificate is transferred we will move to that domain. Thanks for being patient during this time.
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    Do you own pets?

    Here's mine:
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    Android Forum is Back On a New Domain

    I fell ill and was in the hospital for a long stay. During the time the domain expired. By the time I had access and was able to get on the internet the grace period had expired. No way to get the domain back. Today is 1 week since I've been home from the rehab hospital and I...
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    What's Happening People?

    Hello and welcome.
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    Hi everyone

    Howdy and welcome.
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    Do you own pets?

    Yes I have 3 dogs. 2 pugs and a chocolate lab.
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    Hello, everyone!

    Howdy and welcome.
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    New kid on the block

    Hello and welcome. Make yourself at home.
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    How to Post a Video in a Thread

    Yes it is. Actually the list is fairly large. Not many media sites not supported.
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    Hello Evereyone

    Hello and welcome to the community.
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    [GAME][FREE][2.3+] Relic

    It looks interesting.
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    T-Mobile takes a victory lap

    No doubt they shook things up in the industry.
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    Free [FREE] Super Mustache

    Welcome back. Good to see you.
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    Free Footsapp, soccer scores

    Thanks for the submissions. I'm going to check it out. You can also post it in the Apps section for download direct from here. Android Apps | Android Forums
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    Hello Brigitte Grisanti From NY

    Howdy and welcome. Make yourself at home.
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    Free QR Assistant

    I checked this out. Makes things look nicer that's for sure.
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