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  1. Technokeet

    Duck Hunting 3D: Seasons 2017 1.0

    Duck Hunting 3D: Diver Ducks new premium version Duck Hunting 3D: Season 2017 is now available with is a complete Duck Shooting package with a lot new exciting game features and better game play for the Ultimate Duck Hunters. Duck Hunting 3D: Season 2017 version provide the ultimate fun of...
  2. Zitga

    Free Tower Defense: Kingdom Wars - a new strategy game has been released

    After more than a half of month of building and developing the game, Zitga today officially released the defense strategy game named Tower Defense: Kingdom Wars. Tower Defense: Kingdom Wars gives players a unique experience that no other game can. Simple 2D ,the sound of the echoes and the...
  3. Zitga


    What’s new in map 3 Frost Mountain? In terms of graphics, of course, this will be the most visible change compared to the last and the first map. In this latest map will have brighter colors, no dark as much as map 1 and 2. Background in the game is the ruins that were left after the battle...
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