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Feb 16, 2011
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I've been a Sprint customer for a long time. I always had a Nextel. My contract was long expired so I decided to get a smartphone. I did my research and decided to stay with Sprint since for all the years I was with them the phone always worked and I only ever found one area where service was limited.

I did consider an iPhone, but, I had to cancel my AT&T landline service because it was garbage so I figured ATT&T mobile service wouldn't be much better.

Once the decision was made to stay with Sprint I took my old Nextel and traded it in for a HTC EVO 4G. Since then I have crashed it, hacked it and abused the heck out of it and it keeps working like a champ. I am getting ready to install Gingerbread on it.

So what's everyone think of Sprint as a mobile carrier?


Jul 30, 2013
when i was in USA I HAD H20 but heart that sprint is good...=) did u hear about h20?


Jul 30, 2013
It's good that you stick with Sprint. You might have regretted it if you have transferred to another carrier.
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