Tree of Life Tower Defense TD

Nidhi Roy

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Oct 30, 2013
Tree of Life Tower Defense TD
[NEW GAME] Tree of Life Tower Defense TD

Set in medieval times, you must defend the Tree of Life in this epic war between good vs. evil. You must use a specialized team of warriors, witches, wizards, dragons, and other creatures to defeat the forces of evil.
The Tree of Life has been carefully crafted to give users the best experience possible. We offer hours of fun and puzzling strategy. We present 20 unique levels that travel across the land through the seasons, forests, deserts, caves, and even the skies. Use your team of twelve awesome towers wisely, as this game is challenging.

-Full game
-No in app purchases
-15+ different enemies
-12 unique towers
-20 levels with amazing scenery
-Over 500 waves of enemy forces
-1 incredibly insane dragon-rider BOSS
-Different strategies and attacks
-Hours and Hours of challenging fun
-All towers and enemies include a wide variety of creatures, warriors, and monsters
Thank you and enjoy!!!
Link to google play: Tree of Life Tower Defense TD - Android Apps on Google Play
Link to amazon :

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