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Oct 30, 2013
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New for the Oculus Quest
Solbips live in the VR star system of GalanG and there's nothing they like better than to be with their own kind. They especially like to travel together.
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You would think life would be fairly simple for the Solbips but, the planets of GalanG are riddled with mystical squares that switch Solbips to different tribes. This makes it very difficult for a Solbip. Help them get to "Dimension Alpha" by solving the routes and guiding them on their way. Collect the missing Cyphers that you find on route. Collect them all!

Solbips consists of 200 challenging levels, so sit back and relax.
Relax everything except your brain. Prepare to put your brain in overdrive. Prepare for brain freeze!
Download: Solbips by modemfish
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