2 Minutes in Space: Survival[FREE][GAME]

Nidhi Roy

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Oct 30, 2013
Windows 10
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2 Minutes in Space: Survival[FREE][GAME]

Go to space, full of asteroids, gravitational fields and nebulas.

Be hunted by ruthless missiles and shot back!

Be fast, be strong, be robust! You have to survive!

*** HOW TO PLAY ***

- Control the ship with the joystick, whole screen or left/right buttons.

- Fly any of 13 Ships

- Choose 1 of 5 Game Modes: Moon, Asteroid Field, Orion Nebula, Gravitational Field and The Fleet

- Collect gold to unlock new spaceships with different abilities and weapons.

- Use Shields, Weapons, Speed Boost and other Power-Ups to survive as long as possible

- Compete with others on Game Center Leaderboards.

Good luck in exploring the far reaches of galaxy, overcoming the obstacles and aiming for just one goal… SURVIVAL!

Link to iTunes: ‎2 Minutes in Space: Survival

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