Free Decypher gaming news, video game release and news[FREE][APP]

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Oct 30, 2013
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Decypher gaming news, video game release and news[FREE][APP]
A cool new app Decypher gaming news, video game release and news
* Decypher Gaming News is new version of our beloved Gamify Gaming News app.
It is the highest rated gaming news app available on playstore, also with tons of new features and old enhances functionality.
Decypher video game news app lets its users to access gaming, gaming release and topic based gaming news in a simple, sleek interface optimized for smartphones and tablets. It has all the major gaming sources.
- Fully customizable for those who wants to personalize their news.
- You can also search gaming news for selected sources only
- Platform specific video game news and gaming news release available
- In app browser so that you do not have to leave app while reading your favorite gaming news.
- Bookmark, like and share your favorite gaming news articles
- Include video game release date, reviews, metacritic score reviews.
- You can see previous notification liked bookmark.
- First app to implement category based news where you can get gaming news base on various categories available in market.
- Dynamic theme support is also available so you can enjoy your video game news in more customized environment.
- Explore section to create your own feed section, you can fully customized your video game news.
- Dynamic Notification System so that you not miss out your favorite gaming news.
- Carousel for similar gaming news so that you can choose different sources for same game news.
- Infinite scrolling! we have millions of gaming news in out database, so that you can access previous gaming news.
Link to Download: Decypher gaming news, video game release and news - Apps on Google Play
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