We’re not getting a coronavirus vaccine before the election


Chris Smith

  • The company making the only coronavirus vaccine with a theoretical chance of being approved before the US presidential election made it clear such a timeline is unfeasible.
  • Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said his company might have the efficacy data this month, but the crucial safety data will not be available until the third week of November.
  • It’s not enough for a vaccine to work; it also has to be safe. FDA’s strict approval guidelines will make it impossible for Pfizer to seek authorization before the election.

Dr. Anthony Fauci has said a few times in recent days that the earliest results for COVID-19 vaccine trials will be ready in November or December, adding that some people might be inoculated by the end of the year. Experts from the World Health Organization echoed those remarks in their own statements about coronavirus vaccine research, going even further than that to say that healthy young individuals might not get access to vaccines earlier than 2022.

The current progress on the vaccine front gives everyone hope that at least one of the hundreds of candidates can block the infection and offer immunity, no matter how long that protection might last. Preventing severe COVID-19 might also be a satisfactory outcome from vaccination campaigns. Still, vaccines won’t eradicate the illness, and the first ones won’t bring back life to normal. People will still need to observe safety precautions for at least a year, in addition to getting vaccines.

That said, it seems like there’s no chance for any experimental drugs of the several frontrunners to receive emergency use authorization before the presidential election. However, one of the drugs might still release efficacy data this month.

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