This might be one of the biggest breakthroughs of the coronavirus pandemic


Chris Smith

  • Researchers have devised a coronavirus score based on blood test results for two molecules that can predict severe COVID-19 cases.
  • The scientists explain that a more informed prognosis would allow them to adapt treatments accordingly and potentially save far more lives.
  • The Dublin-Boston score is a ratio between two cytokines, IL-6 and IL-10. Each 1-point increase of the score has been associated with an increased likelihood of severe COVID-19.

Fall brought a resurgence of the coronavirus in the northern hemisphere, the so-called second COVID-19 wave that health experts anticipated. It’s not just that colder weather and lower humidity favor the spread of a virus that still quite resilient during the summer months. The virus is also taking advantage of people who are either have covid fatigue or who still deny the virus exists. Many people still think they’re safe just because they do not suffer from other medical conditions or are relatively young. While COVID-19 generally kills older people and those with preexisting conditions, there are plenty of exceptions to those rules. There’s no way to tell how your COVID-19 experience will be if you catch it. And while doctors have made significant progress when it comes to saving lives and reducing the death toll, many people still succumb to COVID-19 complications on a daily basis.

A team of doctors has devised a first of its kind COVID-19 severity score to predict the severity of the illness in individuals. Knowing in advance that a patient’s condition is about to worsen might be the kind of valuable information that can save lives. Doctors would be forewarned and could take appropriate measures in the early stages of the illness to attempt to stop the onset of complications before they arrive.

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