Doctors think this coronavirus drug works, but no one can explain what it does


Chris Smith

  • Doctors from the UK and the Netherlands think they found another coronavirus therapy that can treat severe COVID-19.
  • A tocilizumab study was halted early after independent reviewers confirmed the beneficial effects of the therapy.
  • But doctors can’t yet say whether the drug can prevent deaths or just hasten the recovery of some of the patients who experience coronavirus complications.

Having vaccines that are 95% effective against the novel coronavirus is a great development, especially considering they’ll be available as soon as December. But the world will need many months to beat the pandemic with the help of vaccines. There won’t be enough supply to meet demand initially, and logistics can be challenging for these first drugs. People will continue to catch the virus and the current surge in America and Europe will send thousands of people to hospitals for severe COVID-19 complications. The higher the number of daily cases, the higher the death toll will be as well.

Doctors haven’t stopped looking for treatments aside from vaccines that can reduce COVID-19 complications, and researchers from the UK and the Netherlands think they have a breakthrough discovery on their hands. They think a drug called tocilizumab is useful in severe COVID-19, and the results are so good that independent researchers have stopped their early trial so everyone can get access to it. But the researchers can’t explain exactly what it does, so they don't yet know whether the drug can save lives or just hasten the recovery in some patients.

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