Scientists actually reversed human aging using a revolutionary new treatment


Mike Wehner

  • Scientists have developed a new therapy that they say can actually reverse aging on a genetic level.
  • By having participants breathe pure oxygen in a hyperbaric chamber five days a week for three months, the team was able to effectively reverse the age of chromosome telomeres.
  • Additional research is obviously needed in this field, but the results are promising so far.

Life as we know it marches down an inevitable path that we know as aging. Humans have a finite lifespan due to the nature of our DNA (and, really, all DNA, as far as animal life on Earth is concerned). But by identifying the way our DNA changes as we age and actually reversing the damage done over time, researchers in Israel appear to have come one tiny step closer to creating a science-based fountain of youth.

As Telegraph reports, the team of scientists from Tel Aviv University focused on a part of chromosomes called telomeres. Telomeres, which are situated on the end of our chromosomes, are longer when we're born and grow shorter over time. They act as a protective feature of our genes and, when they shorten with age, DNA damage can occur and our bodies, as a result, begin to break down.

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