If you experience this coronavirus symptom, it might never go away


Chris Smith

  • The sudden loss of smell and taste is one of the strangest COVID-19 symptoms that infected people report.
  • Most people recover the senses within a few weeks or months, but there are COVID-19 survivors who might longer to regain their lost senses.
  • Now, a new study suggests that some people might regain their senses of smell or taste after surviving COVID-19.

The clinical presentation of COVID-19 isn’t enough for a definitive diagnosis, and that’s because the vast majority of symptoms that can appear from an infection aren't unique. But there is one sign that doctors spotted early in the pandemic that’s more likely to be associated with COVID-19 than anything else. That’s the sudden loss of smell and taste that many COVID-19 patients have experienced. The phenomenon has been studied in the past few months and while it is indeed quite bizarre, we now have an explanation of why it occurs. The virus infects cells in the nose which leads to local inflammation that can block olfactory neurons from sensing smell. That, in turn, can cause the sense of taste to disappear at the same time.

Most people will recover the two senses in a few weeks or a few months after the clear the infection. It might take some retraining, but the senses eventually return. However, there are some COVID-19 patients who will have to wait much longer to regain their senses of smell and taste — and some of them might never regain those senses at all.

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