Cancer cells can hibernate like bears to evade chemotherapy


Chris Smith

  • Cancer cells can hibernate like bears during chemotherapy, a team of doctors has discovered.
  • The cancer cells can act as a living organism, slowing down their activities to survive until the drugs are cleared from the system.
  • The same team figured out a way to prevent the cells from going into hibernation, which could lead to more effective chemotherapy protocols for certain types of cancer.

The novel coronavirus pandemic might be the most important thing happening in the world right now, with the health industry focused on developing vaccines, better treatments, and health measures to beat the pandemic. But COVID-19 is hardly the only major health problem that society is dealing with.

Cancer is one of the threats that never goes away, pandemic or not, and there’s plenty of research that goes into studying this medical condition even during the current health crisis. A new study published a few days ago gives us the most unexpected news about cancer cells. As if they have a mind of their own, cancer cells can hibernate like bears to evade chemotherapy drugs. But that conclusion isn’t as discouraging as it might seem. The researchers who were able to prove the phenomenon also have a solution. They can wake the cancerous cells from hibernation, at which point chemotherapy can actually kill them.

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