These are the best and worst states to live in


Mike Wehner

  • Each state in the United States has positives things going for it, but there's no denying that some states have more to offer than others.
  • A new 50-state ranking takes into account a variety of metrics that support a state's "livability," and some states rank far better than the rest.
  • Data like population changes, overall unemployment, poverty rates, and life expectancy all play a role in where the states land on the list.

Are some places really better to live than others? It's a question that sparked fiery debates for ages, but is there actually hard data we can point to and say that one place is simply better for living than the rest? A new 50-state ranking attempts to answer that question by taking into account a variety of data ranging from life expectancy to poverty rates, and the final list is pretty interesting.

For the ranking, the site 247WallSt used official data sources that rank each state by three criteria. The data points include life expectancy at birth for newborns, the poverty rate, and the percentage of bachelor's degrees attained, which is indicative of the health of a state's higher education system. All of these metrics were then crunched into a single number and the states were ranked according to that data.

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