This Android app spreads malware, so delete it right now if you have it


Andy Meek

If you were trying to design Android malware in such a way that the appearance ensured it mimicked one of the most popular smartphone apps in existence in order to ensnare the biggest number of people possible, you could probably do worse than borrowing the branding of the Netflix app.

That's what the makers of a newly discovered Android malware app called FlixOnline decided to do. Found by a team at Check Point Research, this app has been lurking in the Google Play Store, used Netflix imagery to suck people in, and promised to allow users to view Netflix content from all around the world on their smartphones. Instead, according to a summary of the Check Point Research findings published on Wednesday, if a user ended up downloading this application and "unwittingly" granted it the appropriate permissions, "the malware is capable of automatically replying to victims' incoming WhatsApp messages with a payload received from a command-and-control (C&C) server. This unique method could have enabled threat actors to distribute phishing attacks, spread false information or steal credentials and data from users’ WhatsApp accounts, and more."

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