Two NASA satellites team up to capture a galactic merger


Mike Wehner

The Milky Way is our home, and for the entirety of human existence, it has treated us pretty well. Earth and our solar system just kinda chill out here in one of the galaxy's curvy arms, living our day-to-day lives in relative peace, at least in cosmic terms. Fast forward 4.5 billion years, however, and we might begin to see the galaxy change. It's at that point that The Milky Way is predicted to begin colliding with the nearby galaxy Andromeda.

If a collision between two galaxies sounds pretty wild, well, it is. And thankfully for us, we don't have to wait 4.5 billion years to actually see it in action. The galactic system called Arp 299 is made up of two galaxies in the middle of a merger, and NASA used its Chandra X-Ray Observatory in conjunction with the Hubble Space Telescope to capture images of the cosmic shakeup that are truly jaw-dropping.

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